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What is a Wheel Straightening Machine?

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Alloy rims are not a cheap investment and proper wheel maintenance is essential if you wish to promote the longevity of your wheels. That said, incidents that cause damage to alloys are common and these may hinder the performance and look of your rims and wheels. For this reason, it is important that you have access to the latest tools and equipment to refurbish and repair your wheels as soon as these damages occur. One such crucial tool is a wheel straightening machine, and in this article, we will outline what it is, how it works, and why you should consider purchasing one if you wish to maintain your alloy rims and wheels.

What is a Wheel Straightening Machine?

A wheel straightener is an important alloy rim repair machine used to fix bent rims and wheels. Through various techniques, the straightener is able to bend a rim back into its original shape, thus combatting the potential for further damage and performance loss experienced when one has bent alloys. Wheel straightening machines come in a variety of models, each created to offer distinct benefits and wheel repairing functionality. The best companies on the market offer a thoughtfully considered range of wheel straighteners that target specific areas in the wheel straightening process as well as offer benefits unique to each individual refurbishing specification. For example, some straighteners include bead breaker attachments and are completely mobile while others are heavier with a larger shaft size to cater to vehicles with larger rims. In each case, assess the functionality of the straighteners against your unique preferences and decide from there.

Common Causes and Signs of Wheel Damage

Rim repairs are unavoidable as there are common causes of wheel damage individuals will likely experience at one point or another. That said, we have listed the most common causes of wheel damage below to help you avoid the unfortunate need for maintenance:

  • Driving with a flat tire
  • Driving over, into, or too close to the curb
  • Corrosion from frequently driving on winter roads or in humid locations
  • Driving over broken pavement
  • Hitting a pothole

If you are unaware of any particular incident that may have caused damage then be on the lookout for the following tell-tale signs that your alloys are damaged:

  • Vibration or shaky feeling from the steering wheel or beneath your seat
  • Tires that deflate quickly or are often flat
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Bulging prominent in the sidewalls of tires
  • Reduced steering and brake performance
  • Need to repair or maintain steering and suspension components

With a better understanding of the causes and signs of wheel damage, you can more effectively spring into action and avoid or repair your rims before the damages are too far gone. 

Why Use a Wheel Straightening Machine?

The main reason you would want to consider using a wheel straightener is to ensure that possible damages don’t lead to more serious issues later down the line. A bent rim can hinder a car’s performance and put drivers in potentially harmful situations, meaning maintenance through wheel straightening is imperative especially during the early stages of damage. The fact that alloy rims are more susceptible to damage than traditional steel rims is, even more, the reason to consider using a wheel straightening machine. These systems will help you efficiently repair bent rims and ensure that your next drive is smooth and safe.

Should You Buy an Alloy Wheel Straightener?

Wheel straighteners are more common than you think and many of the current models are relatively easy to grow accustomed to and use on a regular basis. The fact that so many new products are mobile makes them even more effective at getting the job done on the fly. It’s worth considering a purchase as the repairs both prevent harmful situations and promote the longevity of one’s alloys, thus saving you time and money in the event of bent wheels. Furthermore, many wheel repair specialists offer these nifty automobile gadgets for extremely affordable prices. Needless to say, you could have an effective repair shop set up in no time with a wheel straightener being a key piece of equipment in your workshop.