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Alloy Wheel Repair Training Courses

After running many classes we have since found that people come here with different levels of expertise. Some are initially more proficient than others in certain areas discussed below.
For this reason we are now custom making classes to the needs of yourselves. It is now a very much a one on one basis and we teach you what you need to know.
Almost anything in wheel remanufacturing can be taught. Some examples are listed below.

Theory and practical remanufacturing alloy wheels

Things that will be covered on this course:

  • Theory on structure and engineering of automotive wheels
  • Practical on truing alloy wheels
  • Practical on welding alloys and steel
  • Theory on run out and clocking wheels
  • Theory and some practical on lathe and milling operations
  • Tips in quick polishing techniques.
  • Working with split wheels.
  • Tire changing and balancing techniques.

Participants should have enough knowledge by the end of this course to be in a position to evaluate and repair a fair percentage of wheels. Certain skills will be picked up quicker by some than others, and the more one practices at this point, the better you will become.


Refinishing of automotive wheels (On site & mobile)
Areas that can be covered:

  • Theory behind layering paints for complete refinishing and touch ups.
  • Practical experience and techniques for layering of paint on alloy and other surfaces.
  • Working with polish and paint.
  • Included in course is instruction on applying the all elusive hyper silver and hyper black colors.
  • Powder coating and methods.

Participants will have the theory and practical experience to start learning and practicing on there own. As with anything practice makes perfect, and some will get it quicker than others. However one should be able to start practicing while making a profit.
“Refinishing” can be run back to back with “General training”