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The New Lenco M220 CNC Lathe Machine

Lenco CNC Lathe Machine M220

If you’re searching for a CNC lathe for your rim and wheel repair workshop then look no further! In this article, we examine the brand new Lenco M220 CNC Lathe machine and its ability to provide superior rim refurbishing support.

What is a CNC Lathe?

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathe is a more advanced lathe alternative that works by spinning a workpiece around a main spindle’s axis to cut and shape the material of the workpiece. The use of computer technology allows the CNC lathe to provide more precise cutting and shaping than traditional manually-operated machines. Several types of workpieces can be used in a CNC lathe to achieve a desired shape, with rims and wheels typically requiring a CNC lathe for diamond cutting and other forms of repair and refurbishment. 

What is the Lenco M220 CNC Lathe?

The Lenco M220 CNC Lathe machine is a specifically designed rim and wheel repair lathe that incorporates the latest technology and industrial design to provide a superior refurbishing solution compared to other lathes and CNC lathes on the market. This lathe’s combination of a neatly designed steel frame and advanced Lenco technology ensures that it boasts the ability to offer workers exceptional cutting and shaping potential, also helping improve the efficiency of repairs in the workshop. This increase in the rate of workflow allows wheel repair specialists to save time and money, promoting sustainable business growth in the process. Online support and worldwide distribution mean that your workshop can benefit from the Lenco M220 CNC Lathe’s many features no matter where you are based. 

The Lenco M220 CNC Lathe Features

The following features, as well as new and improved Lenco Holdings software, apply to the Lenco M220 CNC Lathe:

  • Lenco T-400-2000mhz control with 17″ LCD
  • 5 HP spindle energy efficient Motor
  • Max 1750 rpm spindle speed with electrical speed control
  • Hardened and ground precision guideways
  • Zero backlash precision ball screws hardened and ground for high accuracy and long-lasting efficiency
  • Wheel specific main frame built with a small footprint for large wheels and long term reliability
  • Precisely measured for positioning accuracy and repeatability upgrades can be done via our staff in the USA anywhere in the world via the internet as well as troubleshooting
  • 14” Wide bed ways design to provide maximum rigidity and stability
  • Toolbox and tools
  • Coolant system

From the machine’s unique construction to added tools and support systems, a partnership with Lenco allows workshops to benefit from superior CNC lathe operations as well as a network of helpful and beneficial advice.

The Lenco M220 CNC Lathe Dimensions and Chuck

We have outlined the Lenco M220 CNC Lathe’s dimensions and chuck to help guide the placement of this machine within your workshop as well as showcase the size of rims and wheels capable of being repaired in the jaws of this particular lathe.

  • Footprint: 6ft x 4ft x 7 ft high
  • Swing over bed: 762 mm 30 inch
  • Largest wheel in jaws: 26″ standard
  • Weight: 5000 LBS 2,268 KGS
  • Width of bedways: 15″ with aluminum wheel jaws

Does it Have a Warranty?

The Lenco M220 CNC Lathe Machine is backed by a one-year warranty for any defects in materials, factory-installed components, or handling operations. The inclusion of this lengthy warranty covers you and your business in the event of faulty equipment, showcasing the confidence in its ability to meet your requirements and facilitate effective, long-term wheel and rim repairs. 

Should You Buy It?

A CNC lathe is an incredibly beneficial workshop tool as it maintains alloy rims and offers several additional benefits to veteran mechanics and budding automobile repairmen beyond wheel and rim repairs and refurbishments. This particular model includes the latest CNC lathe features – providing precision at every level of the wheel and rim repair process. Built from high-quality materials and utilizing the latest CNC lathe technology, the Lenco M220 CNC Lathe is a top-class machine that comes to the market at an extremely competitive price. You can click here to view the product and contact us if you would like to know more about the machine and its selling price.

Whether your workshop is equipped with a CNC lathe or not, the superior technology of the latest Lenco M220 CNC Lathe will help you provide more effective and efficient wheel and rim repair and refurbishing services – saving you time and money in the long run.