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Rim repair machinery Using state of the art wheel repair machinery, repairing any wheel becomes simple!

Trust the leaders in wheel repair machinery for your wheel repair business.

For many years Lenco Holdings have designed, patented and perfected the wheel repair industry using bench marked machinery developing patented methods and equipment to allow the users of our machines to repair a vehicle’s rim in a simple manner with highly effective results. The Lenco machinery is the simplest wheel repair machinery around and will have almost any rim looking like brand new again in no time!

Lenco CNC Lathe Machine
CNC Lathe Machine

There are millions of cars on the road worldwide, meaning there are even more wheels. The Wheel repair industry is a massive and highly profitable business that with the help of us here ay Lenco Holdings we can set you on your way to owning and managing your own wheel repair company with fully trained wheel repair technicians that are able to use our user-friendly machinery in an effective way to maximise profits.

The developers and engineers and Lenco Holdings are constantly at work to improve our already excellent machinery and simplify the process of rim repairs to make your business even better so you can offer you customers the best rim repair services!

Lenco Holdings have a wide range of Lenco rim repair machinery that can do almost anything. Our Lenco machines can you you with crack repairs, wheel straightening, polishing, welding, lathes and many more!

Contact Lenco Holdings to find out more about what we can offer you in terms of machinery and equipment. Training is also provided by Lenco Holdings as well as business know how to get your company off the ground. Our training programs can help you and your rim repair technicians with wheel repair, welding, refinishing mobile and onsite, lathe and CNC operations.

So for the best in wheel repair technology and hi-tech wheel repair equipment and machinery include wheel repair machines and CNC lathes contact the best in the business today and speak to us about making your wheel repair dreams a reality!