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Outlook for the Motor Vehicle Industry in the USA: Should You Invest in Wheel Repair Equipment?

Outlook for the Motor Vehicle Industry in the USA: Should You Invest in Wheel Repair Equipment?

The US motor vehicle industry took a massive hit during the Covid-19 pandemic and statistics reveal that “vehicle sales were down 38 percent year-on-year” as of March 2020 according to Statista. However, these same statistics note a rise in the sale of light motor vehicles following the ease of stay-at-home protocols and lockdown restrictions. The growth of automobile sales should continue on this upward trajectory as more people return to work, travel the country, and reintroduce daily commuting. As such, the demand for automobile repairs will increase alongside this growth. The need for wheel repair equipment, CNC lathes, and other machinery comes with this demand and wheel repair specialists must be ready to supply the influx of customers.

In this article, we highlight a few prominent pieces of wheel repair equipment that you should invest in to meet the demands of the modern motor vehicle industry.

CNC Lathe

CNC lathes are the cornerstone of efficient repair work in the modern motor vehicle industry. They are also a significant upgrade from lathes as they utilize computer technology to share the workload and free up time for workers in one’s workshop. There are many benefits to the integration of CNC lathes in one’s workshop namely the precision and automation of daily tasks. Sophisticated computer systems allow these lathes to cut, trim, turn, and perform other necessary functions for the shaping of parts. Wheel repair specialists can utilize this machinery to speed up their alloy rim repairs and other activities. This, in turn, gives customers peace of mind about the company’s turnaround time and promotes better customer relationships.

Wheel Straightener

As daily commuting becomes commonplace in the post-Covid vehicle industry, damage to the rims and wheels will become more prominent. Whether it’s as a result of wear and tear, grinding against curbs, or hitting potholes, the damages will require the attention of wheel repair specialists in instances that DIY jobs cannot suffice. Wheel straighteners are a specialist go-to tool to fix rim damage that affects driving performance. Newer models are fast, easy to use, and feature a bead breaker or pump that can be unmounted and moved around quickly. The best machinery manufacturers offer a range of wheel straighteners to suit your specific workshop requirements such as larger machines to cater for bigger rims and wheels.

Wheel Polisher

CNC lathes are incredible pieces of machinery that can smooth out and refurbish alloy rims and wheels, however, a combination of lathes and wheel polishers will deliver the most impressive aesthetic results that are also durable for long-term customer satisfaction. The best wheel polishers on the market utilize vibratory technology along with traditional wheel refurbishing strategies to generate a smooth and superior alloy look at the push of a button. Utilization of these devices in your workshop will free up tons of time typically allocated to post-lathe touchups conducted by one’s staff. The time-saving benefit of a wheel polisher will help you generate greater profits as well as improve customer satisfaction through improved service delivery.

AC/DC Tig Welder

The final piece of equipment to add to your wheel repair workshop’s arsenal is a powerful and well-manufacturer AC/DC tig welder. Offering two units that boast 210 and 250 amps respectively at unbeatable prices, Lenco Holdings LLC. aims to provide workshops with the best AC/DC tig welding solution on the market. The addition of water coolers and torches supports longer duty cycle times and IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) technology allows these welders to have multi-waveforms as well as pulse ability. These benefits go above and beyond the industry standard, helping your business grow and support the increasing demand of customers as a result of the growing motor vehicle industry in the US.

The Bottom Line

Wheel repair specialists should invest in modern, high-tech equipment to set themselves apart from the competition. This is especially true in the current motor vehicle industry as a greater need for vehicle repairs will follow the increase in vehicle sales. From CNC lathes to wheel straighteners, wheel polishers, and AC/DC tig welders, you can leverage the Lenco Holdings LLC. equipment to ensure better wheel repairs for your customers and, thus, drive profitable business growth.